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Reviews of the press
  Vladimir Putin is preparing a surprise for Ukraine on the eve of the Summit in Vilnius

2013 10 24

“Россия - онлайн”

According to the political analyst Paul Nuss, who is also the Chairman of the Civic Committee for National Salvation, Russia would exert strong pressure on Ukraine at the Summit in Vilnius and will not allow signing the Association Agreement with the EU "without a fight". At the time of signing the Russian side will do its utmost to destabilize Ukraine by creating an artificial crisis in the country.

"The day of the Summit will not only be decisive for Ukraine, but also very stressful. Russia may try to use the dirtiest technologies against the management of Ukraine in destabilizing its political system. In particular, the dissemination of discredit on Ukrainian politicians, according to the Kremlin, should lead to a breakdown in the signing of an agreement between the EU and Ukraine", - noted Paul Nuss.

Material has been prepared by the Centre of Geopolitical Studies with reference to the article from “Россия - онлайн” of 20 10 2013

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Alexandra Sergeyeva. Ukraine and Poland agreed to merge gas systems

2014 12 19

Ukrainian company Ukrtransgaz and the Polish Gaz-SystemS.A. signed an "Agreement on cooperation for working out the feasibility study of the project in merging the Polish and Ukrainian gas systems."

Ukraine refuses non-aligned status

2014 12 05

President of Ukraine Poroshenko stated that in the future the country should abandon the non-aligned status, reported "Interfax" on 27 November.

Anatoly Vasiljev. Ukraine started disconnecting power supply to Crimea

2014 12 04

Only one of the four high-voltage lines is now operational.

Victoria Nuland called the return of Crimea as the condition for lifting sanctions

2014 12 02

One of the conditions for lifting sanctions of the United States from Russia is the restoration of the Ukrainian sovereignty in Crimea, stated Victoria Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State at the US Department of State. Interview of Nuland to the online edition "Medusa" was published on 26 November on the website of the edition.

Ukraine nationalized the Russian pipeline

2014 11 28

Rivne Economic Court of Appeals upheld the return of 1, 4 thousand kilometres of pipelines "Samara - West direction" and "Groznyj - Armavir - Trudovaja" (decommissioned and dismantled) to the ownership of Ukraine, reported on 26 November the website of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.


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