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Reviews of the press
  Vladimir Putin is preparing a surprise for Ukraine on the eve of the Summit in Vilnius

2013 10 24

“Россия - онлайн”

According to the political analyst Paul Nuss, who is also the Chairman of the Civic Committee for National Salvation, Russia would exert strong pressure on Ukraine at the Summit in Vilnius and will not allow signing the Association Agreement with the EU "without a fight". At the time of signing the Russian side will do its utmost to destabilize Ukraine by creating an artificial crisis in the country.

"The day of the Summit will not only be decisive for Ukraine, but also very stressful. Russia may try to use the dirtiest technologies against the management of Ukraine in destabilizing its political system. In particular, the dissemination of discredit on Ukrainian politicians, according to the Kremlin, should lead to a breakdown in the signing of an agreement between the EU and Ukraine", - noted Paul Nuss.

Material has been prepared by the Centre of Geopolitical Studies with reference to the article from “Россия - онлайн” of 20 10 2013

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2015 07 30

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2015 07 28

Latvia could increase export of fishery products to Ukraine and is, subsequently, asking Ukraine to develop a simplified import procedure for these products, stated today at a meeting the Minister of Agriculture Janis Duklavs and the Ukrainian Ambassador to Latvia Yevhen Perebiynis.

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2015 07 22

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