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  China has Undertaken the Largest Economy Project in World’s History

Gytis Janiđius
2016 09 28

Sixty countries, trillions of dollars of investments, 4.4 billion people, and 40 percent of the world’s economy – that’s the platform of the largest economyproject in world’s history, undertaken by China. President Xi Jinping personally oversees the implementation of this idea.

  Overviewof Current Issues in Ukraine during July 4 to July 17, 2016

Algirdas Karijotas
2016 09 19
Foreign Policy

During July 8 – 9, President Petro Poroshenko visited Warsaw where, during a NATO forum, he participated in a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission that took place at the same time, and took part in bilateral talks. Worthy of mention are talks with the Polish President Andrzej Duda, and prime ministers of the Netherlands, the UK and Italy Mark Rutte, David Cameron and Matteo Renzi, respectively. According to Poroshenko, the NATO-Ukraine Commission approved an ambitious, unprecedented complex package of aid to Ukraine. The package specifies about 40 sub-clusters of aid to the country. P. Poroshenko took part in a meeting of the G5+Ukraine Group, concerning the situation in Donbass and the implementation of the Minsk Protocol. President Poroshenko also awarded Alexander Vershbow, who’s nearing the end of his term as NATO’s Deputy Secretary-General, the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise.

  Judging Kerrys Secret Syria Agreement with Russia

Andrew J. Tabler
2016 09 16

While maintaining secrecy might be a way to get the agreement off the ground, convincing the parties to implement its terms, fight terrorism, and end the war will require much more transparency, particularly regarding Assad's future.

  Commentary. The Russian World in Moscow’s Strategy

Igor Zevelev, Visiting Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Program
2016 08 30

Moscow’s efforts to strengthen its influence in Eurasia continue to cause anxiety in the states along Russia’s periphery, in Europe, and in the United States. Russia’s capacity to engage Russian compatriots is widely perceived as one of the main instruments of Moscow’s influence in the region and a tool to recreate Russia’s great power status. A closer investigation of Russia’s policy reveals, however, that short-term tactical gains are offset by serious, damaging long-term costs, not the least of which is a diminishment of the efficacy of the compatriots’ policy as a foreign policy tool. Yet the narrative of a Russian World has become a major factor in the development of Russia’s post-Soviet national identity and its engagement with the Eurasian geopolitical landscape.

  Nothing new atthe demarcation line in Kriakovka

Roman Nazarenko
2016 08 04

Before the war the villages of Kriakovka, Orechovo-Donecke and Kalaus were all part of Slavianoserbsk district's Triochizbenka county. Now a demarcation line has been drawn through these villages. Slavianoserbsk is occupied by the military of unrecognized republics, meanwhile the Ukrainian government assigned the closest villages to Novoaidar district, and the village council turned into a civil-military administration.


  America, welcome to the war

By Eerik-Niiles Kross, POLITICO
2016 08 02

Russia doesn’t want to just bring down Hillary Clinton but rather the United States itself.

TALLINN — The revelation that Russia’s intelligence services hacked the computer systems of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in what appears an attempt to weaken her in the U.S. election against Donald Trump may seem like the stuff of conspiracy.

  Japan Training Squadron Visit to Lithuania

Embassy of Japan in Lithuania
2016 07 27
Press Release

On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of New Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Lithuania, the Japan Training Squadron will visit Klaipeda Port at Pier 80 from 8 to 11 August 2016. It is for the first time that Lithuania receives the Japan Training Squadron. As a Commander of the Japan Training Squadron, Rear Admiral Hidetoshi IWASAKI leads the Training Squadron which organizes three ships “JS KASHIMA, TV 3508” (Captain Josuke Nakamura), “JS SETOYUKI, TV3518” (Commander Ken SAKAI), and “JS ASAGIRI, DD151” (Commander Hiroyuki TERAOKA), and about 750 personnel including 190 Junior Officers are on board.


The Head of Federal Security Service was appointed as the acting Governor of the Kaliningrad Region  President Vladimir Putin appointed the Head of the FSS Evgenyj Zinichev as the acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region, was stated in t

2016 07 29

President Vladimir Putin appointed the Head of the FSS Evgenyj Zinichev as the acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region, was stated in the text of the Decree on the Kremlin website.

Herman Berger. Estonia will chair the Council of the EU instead of the UK

2016 07 22

Preben Aamenn, the official representative of the Chairman of the European Council Donald Tusk, reported on 20 July that Estonia will take the chair of co-presiding over the EU Council instead of the UK, leaving the union, reports RT.

NATO assistance to Ukraine will cover 40 new areas

2016 07 07

The package of the NATO comprehensive assistance for Ukraine, which will be approved at the Warsaw Summit of the Alliance, will cover forty new areas of cooperation, - announced the Acting Head of the Ukraine Mission to NATO Yehor Bozhok, reports Ukrinform.

Anatoly Tarasov. Russian Ambassador to Lithuania: Russia will respond to NATO with serious weapon

2016 07 05

Possible deployment of "Iskanders" in the Kaliningrad region will be a serious response to the actions of NATO in Europe, stated the Russian Ambassador in Vilnius Alexander Udaltsov.

Polish President visits Estonia to discuss Brexit and NATO Summit

2016 06 28

Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves considers close relations with Poland as one of foreign policy goals of Estonia.

Speaker of the Polish Sejm considers the simplification of Ukraine's accession to the EU conceivable in connection with Brexit

2016 06 27

A referendum of Great Britain on leaving the EU opens new opportunities for Ukraine, considers the Speaker of the Polish Sejm.

Rocket with the Ukrainian stage was successfully tested in the US

2016 06 08

On 1 June rocket "Antares”, the first stage of which is designed by the Ukrainian CB “South”, passed ground tests at the Space Station on Wallops Island (USA). This is the first major success of the rocket in a year and a half - after the explosion on 28 October 2014 in a few seconds after the start. The rocket was designed by the US company Orbital Sciences Corporation to deliver cargo weighing up to 6800 kg to the space station. And the first stage for Antares was developed by Ukrainians.


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