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  Alexander Lukashenko’s Recognizable Game

Viktor Denisenko
2015 10 05

On the 11thof October of this year presidential elections in Belarus should take place, however, no real pre-election battle is going on, and there is almost no hope for political change, as Alexander Lukashenko has no plans of letting go of the steering wheel. It is expected that during the pre-election period he will again try to gain as much profit from playing both Russia and the West. The question is whether Alexander Lukashenko succeeds this time.

  Why Ukraine’s reforms will succeed

Andreas Umland
2015 10 02

And why this alone cannot save the country 

Will Ukraine make it? Some conditions necessary for Ukraine’s current reforms drive to succeed look more promising than in 2013, before the Euromaidan revolution and war with Russia. Ukraine presently has not only its most pro-European parliament and reform-oriented government since achieving independence in 1991. There are at least four other significant shifts in domestic politics that, taken together, render an equation of pre- and post-revolutionary Ukrainian society misleading.

  Neither ISIS, Nor Climate Change: The World’s Main Security Issue Today Is the Russian People’s Poisoned Public Opinion (2)

Andreas Umland
2015 10 01

The Russian Federation is currently and will remain, for the foreseeable future, the country that possess the second largest number of nuclear warheads. This highly armed state has, like the Soviet Union before it and the US today, an overkill capacity. As their communist predecessors in the Kremlin, the political leaders of post-Soviet Russia command enough weapons of mass destruction to destroy humankind several times. Russia’s current rulers, moreover, act within a political system in which parliamentary control of the armed forces, checks and balances between branches of power, civil society monitoring of officials, or investigative journalism on top politicians are either absent or underdeveloped. Russia’s political system represents a form of electoral authoritarianism in which power holders are only dependent on the integrity of their command chain, and of their public support constantly regenerated by the government’s information policies.

  In case of further escalation in Eastern Ukraine: A temporary halt of crude oil imports from Russia to the EU

Andreas Umland
2015 09 30

How would the West react in a worst case-scenario of new escalation in the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine? What will Brussels and Washington do in case Russia continues to expand into Ukraine? Often various military options, e.g. the delivery defensive weapons to the Ukrainian army, are discussed. What is sometimes forgotten is that the West is still the, by far, largest trading and investment partner of Russia. Its current sanctions only limit the export of a limited amount of services and technology to Russia. They leave much of the current Russian-Western economic interaction intact, and do not touch directly the EU’s large energy imports from Russia.

  The Oh-so-different Russian Worlds

Viktor Denisenko
2015 09 28

When talking about Russia, it is important to emphasize not only the changes in the political life of the country, but also to name the main societal-level processes. One of such phenomena is the social disparity and its influence on the consciousness of the people.

  Another Day

Vytautas Landsbergis
2015 09 21

As Russia approaches its third imperial fall, it is worthwhile to consider the consequences.

The Kremlin line is pretty straightforward. As we fall, we will drag everyone down with us to nuclear hell (Vladimir Putin's almost open threats), so you should surrender. Stop fighting against aggression and playing with limited “sanctions”, accept your weakness as a civilization in decay, and you might live for some more time with your heads down. Such an instance of blackmailing was yet to be seen by the world. One global terrorist, the rest being his hostages.

  How the West Can Stop Russia Escalating the War in Ukraine (2)

Maksym Khylko, Research Fellow at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, PhD in Philosophy and MA in International Relations
2015 09 02

This month Russia stepped up military pressure on Ukraine, concentrating about fifty thousand troops along its border with Ukraine, using its proxy militias to shell Ukrainian government positions in the Donbas, and threatening Kyiv with "a big war."


Russia does not exclude bombing ISIL outside Syria

2015 10 02

The Council of the Russian Federation noted that not incidentally Putin in his recourse skipped to specify the country talking about the possibility of using their troops against the ISIL.

Karina Iljina. Petras Vaitiekunas received a prestigious US award

2015 10 01

For his contribution to the defence of freedom and democracy during the aggression of Russia against Georgia and Ukraine

Anna Nikitina. Blockade will return Crimea to Ukraine

2015 09 24

Poroshenko is confident in the success of the Peninsula siege. Piotr Poroshenko commented the actions of activists, who blocked the roads near the Ukrainian check points preventing food trucks from arriving in the Crimea. He believes that with the help of blockade the peninsula residents will change their attitude towards Ukraine and will return "under the wing" of Kiev.

NAF Commander is worried about Russian military activity

2015 09 23

As compared with the last year Russian military activity near the border of Latvia has become much more intense and provocative, told the Commander of the National Armed Forces (NAF) Raymond Graube to the TV channel LNT.

67 countries have already favoured the withdrawal of the veto right in the United Nations from Russia

2015 09 22

Neither of the countries should have the right to block important decisions of the majority in the cases, "when conflicts become especially severe."

The president signed a decree on sanctions against Russia

2015 09 21

The decree comes into force from the date of its publication.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a decree on sanctions against Russia, reported the spokesman of the president Svyatoslav Tsegolko on his Twitter page.

Milena Bokova. Putin and Shoigu are preparing for War

2015 09 17

The President ordered to check the combat readiness

On Monday, 7 September, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has set the task to conduct unannounced inspection of the Central Military District, announced the Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu. In addition, the President demanded to check the departments - from the Ministry of Health to the Federal Fishery Agency - on their readiness to fulfil their tasks under conditions of war.


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