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  Divided by Victory: Westerplatte, Moscow, Kiev

Viktor Denisenko
2015 05 18

The Second World War was the major tragedy and lesson of the 20th century. Some European leaders took part in a ceremony marking 70 years since the end of the war on 8 May in Poland (Westerplatte), whereas Russia commemorated Victory Day – 9 May – marking the end of the so called Great Patriotic War. But the atmosphere and focal points of the two ceremonies differed.

  How Russia, the West, and China Made the World a Less Secure Place

2015 05 11

The ‘Ukrainian Crisis’ has grave implications for the future of nonproliferation.

Russia’s annexation of Crimea and covert intervention in Donbas subvert the international nonproliferation regime on weapons mass destruction. The Kremlin has almost fully abrogated the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances, given to Kyiv in December 1994. This agreement between Ukraine, on the one side, and the United States, UK, and Russia, on the other, led to the dismantling of the sizeable Ukrainian collection of Soviet-era atomic weapons. While Kyiv’s arsenal was, after the dissolution of the USSR, technically unusable, it included more nuclear warheads than those held by China,France, and the UK combined.

  Could a Sino-Russian Alliance Be the Kremlin’s Way Out?

Andreas Umland
2015 05 05

Russia’s current economic, foreign affairs and international image problems will not only impact relations with the West, but also its position vis-à-vis China and other important players around the world. Both the ongoing economic recession and the diminishing general trust in oral or written assurances by Russia’s leadership has effects beyond Russia-EU cooperation. Because of its erratic political behavior, clear breach of international law and low economic performance, and in light of continuing Western sanctions, Russia is becoming a more risky and less solvent partner, not just for Western partners but for everybody. This trend could continue, if not increase, over the coming years, and that could limit Russia’s growth prospects and further diminish its relative weight.

  Peaceful China is arming rapidly

Justina Kariniauskaitë
2015 05 04

By the end of the Cold War the global arms trade has decreased, yet, according to the estimations of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute SIPRI, global military expenditure has increased by 37 percent since 1997 (during the recent years it rose by 16 percent).

  Putin‘s friends: capricious Belarus

Viktor Denisenko
2015 04 27

In the official discourse one can hardly find a closer Russia‘s partner and ally than Belarus, but relations of the states often remind a complicated game hidden behind the masks of friendly smiles.

  Can the EU army strengthen security in the Eastern Europe?

2015 04 23

At the request of the East European Security Research Initiative, a selection of experts from Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, Slovakia and Ukraine commented on the prospects of the EU army creation, as proposed by the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, in terms of national interests and security of the East European countries.

  Russia-China cooperation: relationship of equal partners?

Diana Garmaðaitë
2015 03 30

Unrest in Ukraine has become the main catalyst which gave rise to the crisis in the relations of Russia and Western world. After the United States and the EU imposed sanctions on Russia, Moscow started reorienting its entire economy toward the East and first of all toward China. With Beijing’s support Putin hopes to sustain the national economy and regime. What are the benefits of this friendship?


Anatolij Tarasov. NATO exercises are held in the Baltic Sea

2015 05 14

Major international military exercise "Baltic Fortress 2015" started at the coast of Lithuania in the Baltic Sea with the participation of 20 warships and cutters, as well as three international staff units.

Yuri Levykin. Moscow is swapping the "Eight" for the BRICS

2015 05 08

The Head of the Duma Committee for International Affairs Alexei Pushkov considers that Russia has nothing to do in the G-7. BRICS is much more promising therefore.

Russia asked the EU to postpone FTA with Ukraine for a year

2015 05 07

Russia asked the European Union to reschedule the enforcement of the free trade agreement with Ukraine for another year (until January 2017), stated on 6 May the Russian Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov. "The idea emerged" during the EU-Ukraine-Russia negotiations at the expert level, which took place in April ", - quotes Mr. Chizhov the EUObserver.

NATO and Ukraine have concluded another agreement of support

2015 05 06

Ukraine and NATO signed another cooperation agreement, reported the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence on Monday, 27 April.

Let Putin explain his actions in Ukraine - Erdogan commented the words on Genocide

2015 05 05

President of Turkey asked Putin to explain first what is happening in Ukraine, and then talk about the "genocide", reported Reuters.

Disputes with the European Commission may cost to "Gazprom" $ 4 billion

2015 04 24


On 22 April the European Commission issued a statement with a list of claims to "Gazprom" on violating antitrust legislation of the EU.

Alexandra Sergeyeva. Pushkov: Latvia behaves aggressively

2015 04 23

Commenting on the powers of Russia to PACE, the Head of the Russian delegation Alexei Pushkov said that Latvia is among the most aggressively behaving countries in matters of sanctions.


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