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  Russian Foreign Policy: "We Are Smarter, Stronger and More Determined"

Interview conducted by Christian Neef, SPIEGEL ONLINE
2016 07 14

Relations between Russia and NATO are deteriorating. Kremlin foreign policy advisor Sergey Karaganov speaks with SPIEGEL about the risk of war, NATO's aggressive posturing and the West's inability to understand Russian values.

  Merkel moves to rally Europe's leaders after Brexit vote

Katya Adler, BBC News
2016 07 08

Much is being made at the moment of the apparent unpreparedness of both the UK's Leave campaign and of David Cameron's Remain camp for the day after an eventual Brexit vote.

But the rest of Europe has been caught short too.

  Russia encouraging NATO expansion

Viktor Denisenko
2016 07 04

The title of this article might seem like a paradox, as Russia has an active stance against NATO expansion. Moscow is using the discourse of “NATO getting closer to its borders” for propaganda purposes and also to justify her own actions. However, Russia's actions encourage her neighbors to seek membership in the Alliance. Here we are talking not only about post-Soviet countries, but alsoabout states likeFinland and Sweden that oftentimes ponder whether neutrality is a suitable choice under new geopolitical circumstances.

  Overviewof Current Issues in Ukraine During April 26 to May 8, 2016

Algirdas Karijotas
2016 06 29

Foreign Policy

The US Assistant Secretary of State V. Nuland visited Kiev where she met with the highest government officials, deputies of the Rada, political party leaders, and public representatives. The main focus of the visit was Ukrainian reforms, especially those related to the socioeconomic system and energy policy, as well as efforts to reform courts and customs in order to fight back against corruption. Ms. Nuland claimed that elections in Donbass, which is no longer under Ukrainian rule, should take place in accordance with Ukrainian law, and meet all international standards, and that sanctions against Russia will remain in force until the Minsk agreements are implemented and Crimea is returned to Ukraine.

  Overviewof events in Ukraine for 2016 April 11–24

Algirdas Karijotas
2016 06 13

Foreign policy

On April 12, the official results of referendum on Ukraine’s Association Agreement with EU, which was held six days earlier, were announced. The turnout reached 32.28 %; 61% voted against, while only 38.21% supporting the agreement. The Dutch Government will present the evaluation of the results to the Parliament in September. This month, the European Commission will offer a visa free regime to Ukraine. According to Reuters, Jean-Claude Junker, Head of the European Commission has already promised that to Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko in March.

  Data visualization nato Russia exercises

2016 06 10

In the event of current NATO military exercises in the Baltic States (the “Saber Strike”) and in Poland (“Anakonda-16), Russia revolts at NATO for threatening its security.

See the information below on military exercises of NATO and Russia in 2013-2015. (Date of the exercise, title, venue and the number of solders present). Sources: News agency “Reuters”, NATO, North Atlantic Council, weekly “The Moscow Times” and the news agency “Ria Novosti”.

Now, are NATO exercises really threatening Russia thereby?




Centre of Geopolitical Studies
2016 06 04

We are honoured to invite to the public discussion and presentation of the report

NATO: Rethink  Realign React


which will take place in the Institute of International Relations and Political Science (IIRPS VU), 402 aud., Vokieèiø str. 10, Vilnius, on 10 June at 10.00 am. The length of the event 1,5 h.


Herman Berger. Estonia will chair the Council of the EU instead of the UK

2016 07 22

Preben Aamenn, the official representative of the Chairman of the European Council Donald Tusk, reported on 20 July that Estonia will take the chair of co-presiding over the EU Council instead of the UK, leaving the union, reports RT.

NATO assistance to Ukraine will cover 40 new areas

2016 07 07

The package of the NATO comprehensive assistance for Ukraine, which will be approved at the Warsaw Summit of the Alliance, will cover forty new areas of cooperation, - announced the Acting Head of the Ukraine Mission to NATO Yehor Bozhok, reports Ukrinform.

Anatoly Tarasov. Russian Ambassador to Lithuania: Russia will respond to NATO with serious weapon

2016 07 05

Possible deployment of "Iskanders" in the Kaliningrad region will be a serious response to the actions of NATO in Europe, stated the Russian Ambassador in Vilnius Alexander Udaltsov.

Polish President visits Estonia to discuss Brexit and NATO Summit

2016 06 28

Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves considers close relations with Poland as one of foreign policy goals of Estonia.

Speaker of the Polish Sejm considers the simplification of Ukraine's accession to the EU conceivable in connection with Brexit

2016 06 27

A referendum of Great Britain on leaving the EU opens new opportunities for Ukraine, considers the Speaker of the Polish Sejm.

Rocket with the Ukrainian stage was successfully tested in the US

2016 06 08

On 1 June rocket "Antares”, the first stage of which is designed by the Ukrainian CB “South”, passed ground tests at the Space Station on Wallops Island (USA). This is the first major success of the rocket in a year and a half - after the explosion on 28 October 2014 in a few seconds after the start. The rocket was designed by the US company Orbital Sciences Corporation to deliver cargo weighing up to 6800 kg to the space station. And the first stage for Antares was developed by Ukrainians.

Germany refused to consider Russia a partner

2016 06 07

German authorities have amended the so-called "White Paper" (Guide for pursuing national security policy of the country), reported Die Welt. Russia is now not a partner for the Federal Republic of Germany, but a rival, the document says.


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