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  Sanctions to Russia – slow lightening strike

Viktor Denisenko
2014 10 27

When Western world cautiously responded to Crimea’s annexation with the first wave of sanctions, Moscow laughed. Later it imposed responsive sanctions and started reorienting the economy toward China.  




  Why Putin is (not) Hitler and other uncomfortable analogies

Viktor Denisenko
2014 10 22

Among the analogies which are often treated as „uncomfortable“ is the comparison of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany. 

Some people say that it is a good analogy. This is reflected not only in the vocabulary of Russian opposition which calls Putin „Putler“. Some time ago active youth movement „Nashi“ was named „Putinjugend“. Ironically, Putin is more often compared with Hitler than with Stalin who defeated Hitler. Besides, when Putin came into power, people started to more fearlessly rehabilitate Stalin who in the Russian textbooks got rid of the image of a ruthless dictator and became an „effective manager“.

  NATO demonstrates its firm position

Vadim Volovoj, Doctor in Political Sciences
2014 10 13

Recently the NATO Summit took place in Wales and it was an exclusive summit because of the events in Ukraine and Iraq. The Baltic States expected to hear specific security guarantees from the Alliance. NATO had to demonstrate its viability and clear position under new global policy conditions and realities.

  Propaganda and deformed Russian society

Viktor Denisenko
2014 10 01

Some time ago Ukrainian scientist G.Pocheptsov described information war as a „struggle for human mind“. Today we can see that Russia is the most progressive among the countries seriously considering the opportunities of an information war. Russia has already won one information war - a civil war directed against own society.

  Nagorno Karabakh – new Russia‘s „peace“ project?

Inga Popovaitë, political commentator
2014 09 26

At the beginning of August the political experts have again turned their eyes on Nagorno Karabakh: here the bloodiest clashes took place since the ceasefire agreement announced in 1994 between Armenia and Azerbaijan. According to the international media, by 9 August the pogroms in both countries resulted in the deaths of more than twenty people. Thus there is no wonder that the Kremlin discerned here a chance to strengthen the positions in South Caucasus and the positions of V.Putin as a peacekeeper against Western opponents. On 9-10 August in Sochi Putin met with the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan and organised a tripartite meeting which was not attended by the representatives of the OSCE Minsk group. Let‘s see if Russia has really played the role of peacekeeper decisively.

  Euro, wages and other fears (1)

Viktor Denisenko
2014 09 10

In less than half year period Lithuania‘s national currency litas will be replaced by the single European currency euro. Our country will be fully integrated in the European system, yet this event is also related to various fears and worries. Lithuania‘s response to the euro could be related both to financial and psychological aspects. Let‘s start from the latter.

  International relations and internal repression: the connection in Tajikistan

Fabio Belafatti, Coordinator of the Centre of Contemporary Central Asian Studies (Vilnius University, Oriental Studies Centre) and lecturer of Central Asian Politics
2014 09 08

Recent months have seen a constant increase in political violence and repression in Tajikistan. Far from being a mere coincidence, this phenomenon may be related to changes in the regional environment in Central Asia, as well as Russia’s increased efforts to promote the expansion of its Eurasian Economic Union.


Poland will transfer troops to the border with Ukraine

2014 10 28

Poland is going to send several thousand troops to the border with Ukraine, reported Associated Press on Monday, 27 October, quoting the Defence Minister Tomasz Semonyak.

Communications centre of the Black Sea fleet will be equipped with the latest technology

2014 10 24

In connection with the formation of new military units and subdivisions the Communications centre of the Black Sea Fleet will be reformed and equipped with the latest communication systems, reported RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the Southern Military District.

In 2015 Russian Air Force will have a record number of combat aircraft

2014 10 23

Next year the Air Force of Russia will get a large number of new combat aircraft, reported RIA Novosti. Over 60 units of equipment of the "Su" and "Yak" marks will be given to the troops by the Scientific and Production Corporation "Irkut". Such plans were announced by the CEO of the Corporation Oleg Demchenko. According to him, the planned shipment in 2015 is unprecedented in the recent history of the Russian aviation industry.

Russia and Azerbaijan are planning to conduct a series of naval exercises in 2015

2014 10 21

Defence Ministries of Russia and Azerbaijan are going to give the issues of cooperation, especially in the Caspian Sea, the most action-oriented aspect, said on 13 October the Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu, referring to the conclusions of negotiations with his counterpart in Azerbaijan Colonel-General Zakir Hasanov, reported to IA REGNUM at the Press Secretary Office of the Defence Minister.

Russian shipbuilders have declared readiness of developing the analogue of "Mistral"

2014 10 17

Russian shipbuilding industry can easily design analogues of the Mistral-class amphibious assault ships", reported TASS referring to Sergey Vlasov, Director General of the Nevsky Design Bureau.

Ivan Bezusov. Merkel has cancelled meeting with Putin

2014 10 16

The meeting was scheduled at the end of October, during the Forum of Russian and German Civil Societies.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has cancelled her meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, reported the important German magazine DerSpiegel.

Herman Napolsky. Lithuania and Belarus are increasing volumes of freight

2014 10 14

Lithuania and Belarus are for a long time increasing the volumes of freight by rail, reported the General Director of JSC "Lithuanian Railways" Stasys Dailydka on 6 October in Minsk at the international conference "Belarusian-Lithuanian cooperation in transport and logistics: the present and prospects”.


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